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Valoggia provides you with a daily overview of the main property market trends to give you up-to-the-minute news about the real estate market. Check out prices, market and other key sector trends in France and around the globe.

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Practical fact sheets

Buying or selling property privately is a major life event. To improve our high quality service, Valoggia provides you with useful guidelines and answers to all your main questions. We have drawn up a number of fact sheets that give you lots of useful information to help guide you through the different buying and selling processes. Legal information, Financing, Buying-Selling, Energy, Home improvements, Practical tips, Events, Your questions … all the different pages are updated weekly…

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Co-tenancy or how to pay less rent


Co-tenancy has become much more popular over the last few years. For many people, it is most of all a solution for dealing with rising rentS

The Italian real estate market remains stable in 2008

With low real estate prices and interest rates, Germany is certainly an interesting country in wh...

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Associated crops

Organic gardening

Cucumbers love lettuce or the art of gardening without pesticides

GRL or coverage of tenant’s risk

Coverage of tenant’s risk

A national mechanism to encourage and secure access to rental housing

Joint and several guarantee

Joint and several guarantee

A serious commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly

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