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> The earth pipe system

The earth pipe system, geothermal climate control

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Earth pipe system

By using inertia of the soil, the earth pipe system is a solution well suited to homes located in regions were temperatures are very warm in summer or very cold in winter

Being a geothermal process, the earth pipe system optimises home ventilation. It is based on the fact that while air temperature can vary in France from -20° to +35°C, that of the soil is always fairly constant (about 17° in summer, 4° in winter at a depth of 1.60 m).

Technically, the earth pipe system is a heat exchanger composed of buried pipes through which outside air circulates before penetrating inside the house. In winter, the air warms on contact with the soil, in summer it is naturally cooled. In mid-season, when temperatures are pleasant, a by-pass or motorised check valve automatically starts and diverts the system. Associated with a mechanical ventilation (MV), the earth pipe system can seriously contribute to energy conservation.

Earth pipe system and tax credits

A tax credit was introduced for purchases made between 1st January 2005 and 31 December 2009 to encourage people to invest in equipment that uses renewable energy sources or that makes energy conservation possible.
The earth pipe system falls within the scope of this incentive and the purchase of an air/air heat pump entitles you to a 50% tax credit.

The ceiling on costs is limited to :

  • € 8 000 for a single person
  • € 16 000 for a married or common-law couple

Updated on: 03/10/2008

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