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Real estate credit

Are you looking to buy a property? Financing your purchase is an important step. Don't overlook anything. The success of your project depends on the care you take now.

Even before starting to look and to avoid disappointment, establish your budget: the amount of your down payment then, how much you can borrow. What monthly amount can you afford (ideally, it should not exceed 30% of your income), over how much time ?

Once these have been determined, conduct simulations on the Internet and make appointments with different banks. Shop around. Offers are often very different from one bank to another. Work with your banker to find the solution that best suits you: interest-free loan, homebuyer’s loan, subsidised loan, etc.
Depending on your down payment and the type of operation (primary residence, investment property, etc.) you would like to conduct, choose the loan that best suits your project (redeemable, in fine, etc.). Also think about getting a bit of help from the government, you may be eligible for a tax deduction thanks to your purchase.

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