Valoggia sets out the different financing options to help you find the cash for your house purchase

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It’s essential to get the best deal when you’re thinking of buying a property. guides you round the different financing options to help you go ahead with your property purchase.

Take the time to choose the best loan for your situation and your specific needs. There’s a wide range of options available: zero per cent loan, 1% employer’s loan, fixed or variable rate, etc.

Redeemable or in fine loan
Redeemable or in fine loan
Depending on your down payment, you can choose between a redeemable and an in fine loan. Explanation

fixed rate or variable rate
Fixed rate or variable rate
Make the right choice…

real estate loans
The different real estate loans
Homebuyer’s loan, interest-free loan, 1% housing loan, etc. Overview of the different real estate loans