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For-sale-by-owner property transactions

Valoggia : 100% for-sale-by-owner property adverts

Buy or sell a property directly between private parties with Valoggia. It’s easy to list or consult the property ads and to enjoy the many advantages our network offers: no sales commission, no sole agent rights, e-mail alerts with property ads that target your specific interests…it’s simple and will save you valuable time wading through all the ads. Sell your property in optimum conditions, in a 100% for-sale-by-owner transaction, and buy in safety using all the search tools we provide you with as we guide you through the pitfalls to avoid.

Your property ad should showcase your property
If you’re looking to sell your property, your ad should highlight all of its best features. Valoggia Valoggia (link to home) will provide you with invaluable advice to help you sell your property fast and at the best possible price: help writing your property ad, highlighting the advantages of the surrounding area, photos and Home Staging to show you how to transform the atmosphere of your property when potential buyers visit.

Your property ad on Valoggia is the first step to a successful for-sale-by-owner property transaction