Take advantage of Valoggia’s services to buy a property through a for-sale-by-owner transaction. Find out about the different steps involved in property buying

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Buying property

Are you interested in buying property ?

Valoggia helps guide you through the pitfalls of buying property directly from the vendor. .

The different steps involved in buying a property, the solicitor’s fees, the cooling-off period, additional costs to take into consideration, co-ownership, houses on estates, etc. This section covers all the main points you should think about before going ahead with a for-sale-by-owner property transaction.

Notary fees
Notary fees
A surplus added to the sale price of the property: Notary fees

extra costs
Extra costs
Before committing yourself, consider all of the costs linked to the real estate purchase of your future home…

The Notary
The role of the Notary when buying or selling a property: an administrative act that describes the status of the zoning rules that apply to a given property…

pre-sale contract
The pre-sale contract
Sale and purchase agreement, unilateral undertaking to sell or unilateral undertaking to buy a property

Signing the deed of sale
Signing the deed of sale
The last thing you need to do to become a homeowner: sign the deed of sale for your property

Property - value
Assessing the true value of a property
Knowing how to buy at the right price … assessing the true value of a property