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Property sale

Benefit from our extensive experience in buying and selling property.

Valoggia will provide you with a range of tips to help you sell your own property from writing an enticing property ad to showcasing your home.

The description of your property should make people want to visit it and should include as much detail as possible. We show you how to highlight the best features of your house or apartment and which key features to include…We give you sound advice based on our extensive experience of for-sale-by-owner property transactions.

Learn how to make your property ad stand out for a fast and successful sale.
You can’t leave anything to chance when you put your property up for sale. When you write your property ad, remember to highlight not only the best features of your property but also those of the surrounding area. During visits by potential buyers, Home Staging or Property Styling can help you create the wow factors and the atmosphere that will sell your property more quickly. Check out our property sales advice for tips on how to write up your ads and how to present your property.

Energy performance and property value
Energy performance and property value
Energy performance: how to enhance the value of an energy efficient property…