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Property condition reports

Every property vendor must provide the buyer with property condition reports. This is obligatory for every property sale and provides potential purchasers with essential information about the general state of the property they are thinking of buying.
Increasingly detailed, they cover a range of factors such as lead, asbestos, gas, natural and technological risks, termites, the Carrez law, electricity, etc.
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unique technical survey record
The unique technical survey record
A record that groups all the mandatory surveys for a real estate sale

Termites survey
Insects that attack wood and cause serious damage to houses

diagnostic plom
The lead survey
A survey that concerns homes built before 1st January 1949

the energy performance certificate
The energy performance certificate
Know what impact your home’s energy consumption has on the environment

The Carrez Measurement Act
The Carrez Act provides the surface area of a private condominium lot

gas installation survey
The gas installation survey
The fight against accidents linked to gas use

Electrical diagnosis
Electrical diagnosis
Identify dangerous electrical installations that are over 15 years old.

diagnostic - amiante
The asbestos survey
Mandatory when the property being sold was built before 1st July 1997