A document to be completed as accurately as possible by the landlord and his/her tenant

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Rental: inventory of fixtures

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An inventory of fixtures is an accurate description of a rental property

It is drawn up twice :

  • one inventory of fixtures on moving in, when you take possession of the keys
  • one inventory of fixtures on moving out, when you return the keys

Unless a bailiff is involved, the inventory of fixtures is free..

Because this document is considered legal evidence, take the time you need to complete it accurately. Don’t settle for general terms; provide lots of detail (new electric stovetop, spot on the carpet near the front door, etc.). Without any evidence, article 1731 of the Civil Code provides that the property is considered to have been delivered in good condition.

The inventory of fixtures must have been drawn up on plain paper or on a form provided for that purpose, it needs to be dated and signed by both parties.

The tenant and the owner must each keep their copy for the entire rental term.

Once the keys have been returned, the owner has no more than two months to give the tenant his/her security deposit back. If the tenant caused any damage, the landlord will retain the cost of any repairs from the security deposit (repairs must be justified by estimates or bills).

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