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Global news

What are the latest global property trends ?
Read about the latest trends in the global property market with

Keep updated on the key property market facts and figures both in Europe and worldwide: key figures, analyses, trends …

Find out about global property trends to clinch successful property deals between private individuals.

Connaître l’actualité internationale pour mieux acheter ou vendre un bien immobilier de particulier à particulier.

Italian real estate
Real estate in Italy
The Italian real estate market remains stable in 2008

German real estate
Real estate prices in Germany
With low real estate prices and interest rates, Germany is certainly an interesting country in which to purchase property

European real estate credit
Brussels looking to stimulate European real estate credit
Towards a democratisation of the cross-border loan

Real estate in the USA
The American real estate market crisis
Consequence of the subprime crises, the American real estate market is at half-mast

Real estate - europe
The real estate market in Europe
The United States real estate crisis spreads to Europe