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Check for sale by owner real estate listings on Valoggia

Search for a property effectively. With Valoggia, just a few clicks gives you access to a large selection of real estate listings. You can buy a property for sale by owner and pay no sales commission. You deal directly with the seller of the property you’re interested in.

Real estate listings: register for free to find the house of your dreams

With your free Valoggia registration, you receive customised sales offers at the frequency that suits you. The real estate listings you receive are targeted and correspond to your search criteria; they are what makes purchasing property from private individuals so easy. With Valoggia, e-mail alerts will make it even easier to search for a property and save you precious time.

Visit a property without leaving home

Take advantage of the many details sellers provide in their real estate listings to visit the property without ever leaving home. You directly e-mail or phone the seller of the property you’re interested in.