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Discover our services and list your property with a leading for sale by owner network.

Are you looking to sell a property? Our sales services will have you convinced. We have been helping individuals sell property since 1992.




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Free custom analysis


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Visit properties without leaving home


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If you prefer personalised support, take advantage of the services of a dedicated consultant until your property is sold.

If you just want to submit your listing and watch progress in real time.

Sell your property directly to private individuals on Valoggia

Real estate for sale by owner on Valoggia is solid experience dedicated to helping private individuals sell their property to other private individuals. Sell smart by taking advantage of the many services available to put your property in the spotlight and simply find a buyer.

Your real estate listing on Valoggia to better sell your property

Your for sale by owner real estate listing is relayed across our entire network with national, international, and web exposure of your listing until your property is sold. Depending on the type of real estate listing you choose, your property listing will run in the Appel Immo journal until it’s sold or for 16 weeks.

Discover what Valoggia has to offer for your for sale by owner real estate listing

Whether you choose to sell using the classic real estate listing or to sell your property using the descriptive file and the property visit, we provide you with all the advice you need to draw attention to your property. Not only that, but you are entirely free to advertise your real estate listing since we do not require exclusivity. With Valoggia, the sale of your property generates no sales commission since it is transacted directly between private individuals.